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From: Malaysia
Coolpix 2500
Kartini Karim
Latest entry:Riang Ria Aidilfitri
After a month of Syawal, with all those glorious foods and happy time, only now that I have the time to share the stories of my raya. Anyway, it's my turn this year, so we were in Kuching for the first week of Syawal. Had a wonderful time meeting relatives and friends. Enjoyed it so much. We went back to KL on the 6th of Syawal, touched down at LCCT at 5pm. Planned to drive down to Muar on the next day. But the minute we arrived home, hubby said "Let's go back today!" LOL After Maghrib prayers, with the... View this Fotopage entry
my udak's family
rosalina abd hamid
Latest entry:I- City... Lalalala
I luv ayah Maryam I luv Maryam.. I luv u both... Muahhhzzzz View this Fotopage entry
Mazran Mohd Jaaffar
Latest entry:Benjamin Rayyan
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razmin razak
Latest entry:Mari Belajar Berjalan Bersama Raniya
Well, she's one year and 2 months already. So, she has somewhat mastered the art of walking, ala-ala budak kecik. At first, there is the occasional 'accidents' where she would bump into the sofa, or trip over her toys. Nothing serious. She also at first, familiarize with the art of standing up with holding items in her hand, for example...controller TV, handphone mama, the occasional habuk yang dijumpai bawah carpet and also her botol susu. But then, she has learn to control the art of walking plus h... View this Fotopage entry
Full Speed Ahead
Nor Hartini Wahab
Latest entry:Kami sudah berpindah....
Datangla jenguk-jenguk..... http://www.ammarmuqri.blogspot.com/ View this Fotopage entry
selamat ari raye!
nadya shahabuddin
Latest entry:TM-WMC MuayThai fight night 01
as posted in my blog : Salaam, finally.. here comes the photo from the 1st night of the TM-WMC Muay Thai Championship- Kedah Royal Cup. im not very good in explaining in words when its come to muay thai..still learning the term and yet to master the rules n regulation. so here's the photo of the fighters, working team, supporter, viewer..before during and after the fight. View this Fotopage entry
errysherman NZ
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pengantin yg dah over basi
azlene ariffin
Latest entry:Happy Bday Jujot!
It's jue's bday today but we celebrated her bday earlier on Saturday nite 10 march @ Alexis Ampang... As usual, book table ramai2 tapi yg actual turn up tak ramai...and lambat plak tu!!.. :P .supposed to be a surprise party (as requested by YB Fandi - jue's hubby)....tapi bday girl yg surprise kan kitorg hehehehe....it was one of the most 'pening' event ever handled...firstly invitees lambat...they were suppose to get there long before the bday girl arrives....secondly, cake tak de!!...alexis ran out of ... View this Fotopage entry
...boleh posing...
Cek Ya Cek Lah
Latest entry:i'm out...
salam... i have moved to a new place; http://cekya.multiply.com thanx for everything, guys. ;-) View this Fotopage entry
Linda Sharul
Latest entry:Nashrah's Photo Taking Session
She is now 6 months old.. Pandai jugak dier ni berposing.. :-) View this Fotopage entry
Sleeping beauty..

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